Iliazd & Picasso. Pages of Art and Life

April 4 - June 23, 2019
Iliazd y Picasso

Fundación Picasso, exhibition rooms
Plaza de la Merced, 13 and 15
Curatorship: Borís Fridman


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), with the State Museum of Literature Vladimir Dahl (Moscow), the State Museum of Performing and Musical Arts (St. Petersburg), the Iliazd Archives (Marseille) and private collections of Russia and France have united their efforts to the Picasso Foundation, Birthplace House & Museum, to honor those who shared friendship for half a century, the Georgian Ilia Zdanévich, known in the artistic field as Iliazd, and the Malaga-born Pablo Ruiz Picasso.

Already in 1976, the Museum of Modern Art of Paris organized, as a tribute to Iliazd, an exhibition entitled Le rencontre Iliazd-Picasso. Now, the Picasso Foundation hosts the exhibition, unique in Spain, which shows the long collaboration and friendship between the artist from Malaga and the writer, artist and publisher Iliazd and which is also, not an encounter, but a reunion, with one of the most prestigious cultural institutions of Russia and international fame: the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, which is the second largest museum in Russia dedicated to European art, second only to the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. It was in 1991, the year in which the Picasso Foundation began its journey, when the great Muscovite museum starred in an exhibition that brought to Málaga works by Picasso of extraordinary beauty. Now, almost thirty years later, the Pushkin Museum returns to our city, along with private collectors among which Boris Fridman, owner of one of the most exquisite sets of livres-de-artiste on the continent, to reflect not only the set of nine collaborations between Picasso and Iliazd (between 1940 and 1972), but also outstanding examples of Iliazd's work as a member of the Russian avant-garde prior to the Revolution and as a graphic designer. The complicity and free spirit of those two artists who shared their status as foreigners in the Paris of the avant-garde took a natural card in this exhibition that recovers documents and works never seen before.