Collections of the Foundation

Picasso´s Painting

The Picasso Foundation has managed to assemble a collection of art works containing over four thousand items produced by more than 200 different artists.

The first important addition was the portfolio of engravings "Sueño y mentira de Franco" ("Franco's dream and lie"), donated in 1989, to be followed in 1992, by the donation of ten illustrated books, donations made by Marina and Christine Picasso respectively.

One of the most notable works of art in the possesion of the Foundation is the drawing book containing Picasso's rough sketches for his work "Las señoritas de Aviñon" ("The young ladies of Avignon"), the only example of this type of sketch, made in 1907, to be found in a Spanish collection. The symbolic and artistic value of this drawing book, acquired in 2006, is truly exceptional. These 84 drawings are complemented by an important compendium of graphic works by Picasso wich cover artistic periods between 1905 and 1971, showing different techniques such as etching, line engraving or dry point. The Collection of lithographs contains 238 works completed between 1930 and 1960, and wich together form a special group, making it the second most important collection in the world. The main core was the Jan Lohn collection, acquired in 2004 and wich provided 223 works brought together by a German collector. In addition to this there is an important collection of 54 books illustrated by Picasso, that contain 542 prints of the painter and 85 by other artists. About thirty folders, illustrated books and portfolios of important figures such as Joan Miró, Marc Chagall or Max Ernst join them.

The Foundation can also boast a selection of 34 ceramic works, typical of Picasso's artistic output, wich he produced between 1940 and 1946, and has got in deposit he important portfolio of Picasso's engravings entitles Suite de los saltimbanquis (The Acrobat Suite), donated by the Malaga Foundation.

Our collection is completed by a selection of original photographs taken by Juan Gyenes, depicting the final years of the painter's life; by the sculptures bequeathed by Frank Rebajes; a collection of painting and sculpture by a range of contemporary artists dating form the 1950s generation to the present day; and 2,353 prints by contemporary artists, such as Christo, Francis Bacon, Antoni Tàpies or Eduado Chillida, close to an important set of illustrated books and portfolios.