The Birthplace

Image Birthplace building

The building which contains the birthplace of Picasso is located in an architectural complex called Casas de Campos. The name comes from its promoter, Antonio Campos Garín, marqués de Iznate. Campos had already communicated by letter with the City Council in 1867 to obtain necessary permissions for the construction of this building. After his second try, the construction was approved in 1869.

Although the house plans of Casas in 1869 are due to the municipal architect, Rafael Moreano,with Gerónimo Cuervo taking charge of the construction in 1870, the birthplace building had been already constructed since1861 by a master builder, Diego Clavero, and it had occupied all the block which had been destined to the convent of Santa María de la Paz.
The building, constructed by Clavero, followed the same line which characterized it: trabeated openings on the ground floor which correspond to the others in height  (three, with the façade to la Plaza, and seven to the side in front of the market. The cornices separate each level of the ground floor and the four stories.
The building has a stone plinth on the ground floor. The façade has a diminished arch with borders of moulded marble  and with the plant motif  on the keystone.
The balconies, which become narrower towards the top, have one pointed arch on the first floor. Segmental arches appear on the second and the third floor with glass windows in the tympanums and different decorations. The Cornice has a considerable jutty which is decorated with corbles of female and male masks. It is finished off by an attic with the parapets of small balconies whose arches are lowered.