Birthplace Museum

Exhibition Rooms

 A tour of the Birthplace includes the recreation of a hall of the 19th century and a series of rooms which show diverse original objects, family memories and some of his works. The works by this Malaga painter report the link of the family, the society and the culture of Pablo Picasso with his homeland.


The 19th century
At the end of nineteenth century, the hall was used to receive visitors, it therefore was the best decorated and the largest. This hall is a recreation of the main room of the Ruiz Picasso house. The rest of the room is dedicated to remember the workshop that José Ruiz had in his house.
Picasso’s Parents
It has personal memories of José Ruiz Blasco and María Picasso López as an introduction to the family surroundings of Picasso.
Picasso’s Family
It is designed to recreate the link of Picasso with his childhood, his family, his origin and his homeland.
Picasso’s Malaga 
Malaga, where Picasso was born and spent his childhood, is reflected in the photographs, postcards and daily elements of the nineteenth century.
Picasso and Malaga. Picasso and Spain
The Malaga origin and Spanishness of Picasso are shown in his life and in his artistic works. His writings laden with images, flavors and feelings of his childhood in Malaga are impregnated decisively with his southern Spanish condition.