General Information

Opening times


Art Library opening hours

Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. Monday and Wednesday, 5pm - 8pm also, by appointment

Contacts: / 951 92 89 71 / 951 92 89 59 / 951 92 89 60.

Reading room 

There is a comfortable reading room in the library of the Foundation. Apart from consulting the books, visitors have computers with the digital catalogue of our collection at their disposal, internet connection and the tools necessary to make their work easier. The library has got a wifi connection for those who may prefer to bring their own computers. The audio-visual room disposes of equipment for the different types of materials available in the library The Foundation's whole collection of illustrated books, the collection of woks of art (on paper) as well as our oldest bibliography are digitalized in order to facilitate their consultation. 

Bibliographic and reference information 
Its aim is to guide and inform the visitors, searching for bibliographic information in our founds or in our database in order to provide the visitor with the required information. We provide all kind of referential information (biographical data, artistic techniques, about a certain work of art, etc.) Selective Diffusion of the Information according to the searching profiles previously defined.

All registered members of the library can borrow books. You only need an ID or passport to do so. You can borrow up to two books for ten days, and the loan can be renewed if the book has not been requested by other users. The founds which have especial characteristics or are very old are excluded from this service. Our library may ask other libraries for the necessary documents the users may request, applying the rules of the library where the documents come from. We also offer other libraries our own founds. 

Terms of access and conduct within the library 
Access to the library is free. Most of the material is available for public access. Materials of a rare or special nature are preserved in locked up cabinets, therefore they have to be requested to the library staff. Doing photocopies or taking photos inside the library is permitted, as long as the rules mentioned under the Law of Intellectual Property are not infringed,  or if the original material could be damaged due to its dimensions or especial characteristics.