Use of Images

The ownership rights regarding Picasso´s work, as well as rights of exploitation of his name, image or voice, are exclusively held by the Succession Picasso (a legal form which represents the joint ownership of the artist´s successors). The management of these rights is handled by the Picasso Administration: 

Picasso Administration 
8, rue Volney. 75002 Paris 
Tel. 00 (33) (1) 47 03 69 70 
Fax 00 (33) (1) 47 03 69 60 

For further details on this matter, see the webpage 

On the Spanish territory, for issues regarding copyright and exploitation rights related to Picasso and other visual artists, you should get in touch with: 

VEGAP. C/Núñez de Balboa, 25. 280001, Madrid 
tel: 349 1 532 66 32 fax: 349 1 531 53 98 

For other countries, you should check out the corresponding section on the webpage.