His Family

Portraits of the parents of Picasso

The parents of Picasso belonged to the families settled in Malaga at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The branch of the Ruiz came from Cordoba; His mother´s surname, “Picasso”, which was Italian, was originally from Genoa. José Ruiz Blasco (Malaga,1838 - Barcelona,1913) was a painter specialized in animal themes (specially in birds) and still life. He maintained good relationships in the local circle of artists. Working as a drawing teahcer at the school of Fine Arts of Malaga, he was also the curator and restorer of the Munincipal Museum. In 1880 he married María Picasso López (Malaga,1855 - Barcelona, 1938). They had three children: Pablo, Dolores and María de la Concepción.  

José Ruiz got a job at the school of Fine Arts of La Coruña, where all the family moved in 1891.  Since he chose to work in the new position at the Llotja School of Art, they lived in Barcelona from 1895. In the Catalan capital Dolores Ruiz, one of the Picasso´s sisters, got married and had offspring, but in Malaga there were some relatives left from both sides.