Picassian Places in Malaga

Map of Picassian Rute in Malaga

To follow the path of Pablo Picasso along the Malaga city, we have to begin with his birthplace, at nº15 of la Plaza de la Merced, actual head office of Picasso Foundation. Birthplace Museum. From the plaza, the first play area of Pablo, you can continue to the Calle Granada which leads to the parish church of Santiago, where he was baptized. From the Calle Granada, you can get to the Calle San Agustín where the Malaga Picasso Museum is located. If you keep walking down, you will find the old San Agunstín Convent. It housed Municipal Museum during a period, where José Ruiz Blasco, Picasso´s father, worked as conservator. His father was a professor at the School of Fine Arts of San Telmo (actual place of Ateneo, a cultural association) which was situated in the nearby Plaza of la Constitución. The school of San Rafael was in the nearby Calle Comedias. La Plaza de San Francisco needs to be checked as well since there was el Liceo, the place of cultural activities and reunion that Picasso visited. At the institute of Vicente Espinel in the Calle Gaona, Picasso did his last exam in Malaga. Moving a bit away from the center, you can see the bullring of La Malagueta where Picasso watched several bullfights with his father.  



This section is fundamentally based on the texts by Rafael Inglada for the publication Picasso's Málaga , edited by the Tourism Department of Malaga City Council in 1998, the chapters 3 and 4 from his book  Picasso: 30 visiones (Málaga: Arguval, 2003) and the corresponding items from his  Diccionario Málaga-Picasso, Picasso-Málaga (Málaga: Arguval, 2005).